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This section was developed as a place for all Tinneny descendants and friends to share stories and recollections about family, places, occasions, travels, events in ther lives or in the lives of other Tinneny desendents or anything else related to the family and our history.  Please consider contributing.  To do so, simply e-mail me your article and a picture if you wish at .  

Thanks. Rich

This account was written by Fidelma Tinneny and describes in wonderful detail what life was like as a young girl growing up in Quivvy, County Cavan, Ireland, which is across the lough and in clear view of Goladuff.  

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Sean Reilly,  contributed an article "Going To School By Boat" which is an essay about Growing up in the Galloon / Goladuff area of Co. Fermanagh in the 1940`s. 

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This account by Shelia Keegan describes her experience when, as a 16 year old student touring Ireland, she got caught-up in rioting and took a photo of children engaged in the fighting.  She describes the day and returning 30 years later locating and interviewing the children as adults.

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Daniel P. Klebes III wrote this paper for a writing class at Houghton College in 1995.  In it he describes how he wound up enlisting in the Army and seeing combat commence in the middle of the desert day 1 of the first Gulf war.

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