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There were far too many people who supported and assisted me in this effort to name. You know who you are and without your consideration and support in everything from corresponding with me to having me in your homes asking innumerable questions; to letting me borrow your old photographs, memorial cards and letters from your albums and shoe boxes this web site would not be here. You supported me here in the States, in such very special ways in Ireland and from far off  England, India, Italy, New Zealand and Canada.

There are however five people whose contributions were so extraordinary that I am compelled to cite them by name.  My parents John and Helen Tinneny who instilled in me the importance and appreciation of family; Lee, for helping me in many special ways and for tolerating this all-consuming effort and clutter all these years; Mary Tinneny O'Kane from Limavady, Northern Ireland who was the first to respond to my initial searching letters to Ireland with an excited phone call and who then pointed me toward Belturbet; Susanna Tinneny who responded so totally to my request to prove our relationship and to learn about the family and its roots in Ireland - and who chased with me all around Ireland gathering information on our family.

My heartfelt thanks to each of you named and unnamed.



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Updated December 23, 2023
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