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Ann Lerro [annlerro @]

Fri 28/04/2023 01:40

Such an adorable little boy.  (It’s A Boy For Kevin and Chelsea Tinneny)


Eileen Stolte [eijohns @]

Thanks for keeping us together!

Eileen Stolte 

Edith edithtowler @ Wed 18/01/2023 12:15

Amy:  Congratulations - Proud family x


TOM MCCOLGAN thomasmccolgan @ Tuesday, January 17, 2023, 10:05:56 AM EST

Congratulations Amy 

Thanks for sharing all of these interesting facts about our family. We’ve been to Auckland and now we know we have a distant relative there.



Ann Lerro [annlerro @]

Sat 14/01/2023 21:59

Hi Richard. Happy New Year.  Hope 2023 is a wonderful year for you and your family. Also, how wonderful for Sadie. Is she the first in the Tinneny Family to attend medical school?  Congratulations to Charity and family.  


Ann  Lerro  [annlerro @] Fri 03/06/2022 00:21

Hi Rich.  Thanks for all the wonderful pictures and information you’ve provided to our family.  It’s so interesting to discover how diverse we are and the how many different countries we call home. 

Please continue to share our history. Thanks to you and Lucy for all the time and effort you’ve put into this never-ending project. 

Enjoy. Ann Haughey Lerro


Kerri Celaya [knorton15 @]

Fri 25/06/2021 19:06

I recently have been exploring my family’s ancestry, and thank you SO much for the wonderful information on this site!  My great grandparents were Frank Tinneny (then Tierney) and Kate Reilly.


Sean Reilly seanreilly 2 @ 17 April 2020 21:43

Hello Rich and Lucy. When John Michael grows up he will be so proud of you for preserving his family ancestry. Well done. Sean Killarney Cuckooning here as they call it. Hope all of the family is safe in these strange times.


Sharon [sbpaoli @] Tue 10/09/2019 15:02

Thank you Rich for all your hard work!

It’s a great site! It would be fun to list all dependents and their location so people traveling can meet to visit. Thanks again, Sharon (West Chester, Pa)


Lisa Dascenzo [] Mon 12/08/2019 14:00

Just wanted to say thanks to Richard and Lucy for this beautiful website! I am the daughter of Daniel (Tinneny) Klebes . Awesomely impressed with this site and this family!


Sean Reilly <seanreillyradiokerry @>


June 29, 2019 at 1:59:52 PM EDT

Hello Rich, Sean Reilly here in Killarney Co Kerry Ireland.

Saw your posting for the late Eileen Tinneny RIP She had the same facial features as Alice Tinneny Goladuff (Big Alice) Brought back a memory. May they both Rest In Peace. Regards Sean Reilly


Lee Tinneny [ltinneny @ao] Thu 28/03/2019 05:28

Thanks for the great article about Chris.  We are so very proud of him.  Rich, you and Lucy are a great team keeping the site going!  Thanks a million!


Richard Aldinger [famdinger @] 27 March 2019 19:10

Rich :  Congratulations!  Well Done . Best to Chris and entire family.  / Dick


 Andrew Toland [andrew.toland @] 

Sent: 26 March 2019 19:10



Barbara Kopecki [barbara_kopecki_ @] 

On Oct 6, 2018, at 10:23 AM,

Awesome deer! Congratulations To Kevin!


Lesley Toland [ltoland93 @ 15 January 2016 19:21

Re: The Tinneny Family History Site

Thank you Rich
Feeling quite emotional it's like reading a saga book
You have left all the younger ones with such a lovely legacy
Lesley x

CAROLINE POON [cotp888 @]
06 July 2015 08:41
To Tammy from Joe Kent

Real sorry to see Lisa passed away.  I just found out about 2 months ago. Your
family has been so dear to me.I'll always miss John,where's Joe?


Michele Johnston (michele.johnston2 @
Coming to Ireland - I come to the site to become more familiar with the family in Ireland. We would like to see the home site and meet family but will only be near Goladuff for a few hours. I look forward to hearing from anyone interested in meeting.


Kathy at Midlands Perion Endo Center [kathy @]
09 January 2014 17:37
Way to go Patrick Tinneny!!!


Anna Tinneny [annatinneny @] Sun 11/08/2013 03:01

I love looking at the website and keeping up with relatives both familiar and ones I've yet to meet and learning more about my family history! I'm Anna Sophie Tinneny, great great great granddaughter of Yankee Pat, great niece of Rich, the founder of the site. I hope one day I can connect with Tinnenys I haven't met yet! If any relatives are visiting the Philadelphia area I'd love to get aquatinted!

You can email me at

Byee:) Anna Sophie

Phillip Tinneny 6316711987 @ mailto:6316711987 @ 19 July 2013 05:00
Phillip tinneny in brookln n.Y sez's hi ! Nd god bless you all !!
Sandra Munroe [munroes @]
27 February 2013 19:03

And the Tinneny’s continue to flourish…

Thanks for sharing.


Evelyn Woods  (evelyn.woods @ February 06, 2013 9:25 PM
I am the granddaughter of Eileen Woods (nee O'Sullivan) who was sister to Mary Tinneny (nee O'Sullivan), Kitty Lehane (nee O'Sullivan) and Frances O'Sullivan. 
My family is still in contact with my grandfather's side of the family, but none of us know much on   my grandmother's side, which is where the loose connection to Tinneny comes in.
I would welcome contact.  My email is Thanks much!


Katie Beavon [katie434 @] Tue 28/02/2012 00:20

I am the great granddaughter of Katherine Tinneny. (daughter of Mary
Tinneny of Goladuff) My nana was Bridget Toland whom sadly passed away on 26th December 2011.
Bridget was the sister of Andy and Sheila (Sarah) Toland. My grandmother Bridget had 3 children with Lesley Price. They were Ann, Chris and Marie. I am the daughter of Marie.
We would love to hear from any family wanting to get in touch. My email is the website is fascinating and well done.
Kate Beavon


Andy Toland  <jet787 @>
My name is Andrew Toland and I'm the grandson of Mary Tinneny of Goladuff. I live in the town of Lurgan, Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland. I would like to complement  Richard Tinneny and  Lucy Sherwood  for their great effort and expertise in compiling such a wealth of information on the Tinneny Family History web site. They have gathered our family history from bygone days through the present  and saved it to share and pass down to future generations as well as the current generations of Tinnenys around the world. Well done Richard and Lucy. 


Lee Toland <leetoland 77 @> 18 July 2011 18:18
Hi Rich & Lucy
Great website I have been looking at it for the first time today.
My mother Lesley said she will send some pics of our family & info.
I`m Lee Toland Grandson of Michael Toland ( who sadly pass away last week) is the son of James Toland and Katherine Murray and the grandson of Mary Tinneny of Goladuff and Derrykenny, Newtownbutler, Northern Ireland.
kind regards
Lee Toland (Manchester England)


georgetinneny1995 @ Friday, January 21, 2011 11:24 PM
Hello, this is George Tinneny, the son of Vincent Tinneny. I also have an elder sister and younger brother, Emma and Jack Tinneny.
I have just found this Tinneny website and am amazed at how big our family tree is, never knew that there were this many Tinneny's :)

[Note: George is the great grandson of Robert Tinneny and Elizabeth Murphy of the townland of Killahurk, Currigallen, Co. Leitrem, Ireland. Prior to that his line came from Goladuff, Newtownbutler, County Fermanagh Northern Ireland. George's grandfather Robert Tinneny was a famous champion footballer on the County Leitrem football team.

Rich Tinneny.

Donna Persico <rdadam @> 09 November 2010 00:21

This site NEVER CEASES to AMAZE me.  Rich and Lucy your baby has grown into a world wide family.  Thanks for all of your efforts.


Anne Laukaitis <annelaukaitis1 @> 07 June 2010 17:05
My name is Anne Spence Laukaitis. My father, John Spence, who was born in 1910, was a cousin of Jim Tinnenny. I think Gertrude Spence Tinnenny was probably my Grandfather Spence's sister. My sister and I were delighted to find this website and learn about the Tinnenny family and even a little bit about the Spence's.


LTinneny <ltinneny @> 26 November 2009 04:18
Subject:  Betty Tinneny

I was saddened to recently learn of Betty's passing.  When we would visit with her she was always a wonderful hostess.  We had many happy laughs and good times on those visits.  On our last visit, July 1, 2009, Richard, Susanna Tinneny (Belturbet) and myself sat for a while and we shared Tinneny memories.  We also went to see Patrick's family where we were welcomed by Bernie, his wife, daughters and son, Conner. Patrick arrived sometime later.  All were so kind and hospitable.   We returned Betty to her home and as we got in the car to leave, Betty smiled and waved as she said to come again soon.  I'll miss our visits with Betty.  My deepest condolences to all of Betty's family. 

Most sincerely,
Lee Tinneny Columbia, SC, USA 


From: Jennifer Hadfield
Sent: Wednesday, November 25, 2009 5:10 PM
I work with Roz (Rosalyn Tinneny) and we have been talking about her family tree and this website, so have come on to have a look. Very interesting!
Jennifer Hadfield, London


Doris Daly doris.daly @
Re: Mary Tinneny Hall of Killahurk, Carrigallen, Co. Leitrem Ireland and London
I have just found the Tinneny site by a chance checking of my name on the net.......I was Mary Tinneny's friend.  I was also her Tutor at The City & Islington College where she wrote up her reminiscences, now published by the College in  "Our Story".  I too have lived here, as Mary did, in Islington most of my life and like Mary, I was born and bred in Co Leitrim. Both Mary and I had many friends in common especialy Lord Kilbracken the only English Peer domiciled in Ireland, a stone's throw from where Mary grew up.  I am also friends with the Bember family. This is why I was asked to read the euology at Mary's funeral. I am a retired Nursing Officer who works exclusively with the elderly Irish in North London (see www. WK College.)  Mary Tinneny was a one off who had on one hand a charmed life and on the other hand had the slings of outrageous fortune to overcome. We were both exiles who survived it all.  Ar deish De go raibh a nanam dhilis.
Doris Daly
WK College London WC1
hh73050 @
01 April 2009 19:53

I visited your site AGAIN today, never tire of it Rich ! It is a work of art, a testimony to your family. I know that the ancestors are smiling upon you, probably saying to others in heaven "That's my boy !!"...Take care,



Anna Sophie Tinneny  hmcarron @
11 March 2009 23:56

Good job Uncle Rich and Lucy. 

I love learning about the family.  Since I will be making my First Communion in May, I will send you photos.  Hello Tinnenys world wide! 

Anna Sophie Tinneny (Daughter of Brian Patrick Tinneny, Great Great Great Granddaughter of Yankee Pat)


peter brember peter_brember @
18 December 2008 11:49

Hi to my distant relatives from down under,

My name is Peter Brember, born in Sydney Australia 1963. named after my grandfather (killed during the war), his widow, Ann, emigrated here with her two boys, Graham and David. 
David (my father) died 1974.  My grandmother Ann, never remarried, as in her eyes, none could replace Peter, whom she loved completely to her last days. 
Being named after Peter, my grandmother intrigued me with her stories about him, and I have often wondered what he was really like. 
 I have never been to Europe, but have plans to go next year. 
Would love to hear from any of my relatives and am particularly interested in meeting Peter Brember (my second cousin) or my great uncle Hugh (should it be possible). 
I look forward to hearing from you.


NICHOLAS CUDBY nicholas.cudby @ 14 September 2008 21:52
Hi to all our Clan
My mane is Muriel Tinnany from Helensburgh, Scotland, the Granddaughter of Patrick Tinnany who, when he came over from Belturbet Ireland as a young man somehow changed his name from Tinneny to Tinnany.
I only have limited information about our family and my husband Nick and I are travelling back to Belturbet on 20th September and look forward to spending a few days there to "research the family roots". Hopefully there will be some folk still staying in the area who can give me some insight to our family history.
Any help from anyone would be most welcome.
Good luck and Good fortune to all
Muriel Tinnany 


Emma Gerrard egerrard @

8/12/2008 8:40:25 am

My name is Emma Gerrard and I am the great grand daughter of Katherine Murray (the daughter of Mary Tinneny of Goladuff). Katherine had a daughter Sheila (Sarah) and Sheila had Maura. Maura then had me and here I am writing to you now. I was at a Toland christening over the weekend and I got talking with my Great Uncle Andy Toland (son of Katherine also) and he told me about the web site. I was in the Royal Navy for nine years and have recently left to have a baby. I now have a daughter called Blossom Gerrard who I guess is sixth generation from Mary Tinneny. Well I thought that I would introduce myself and I hope to hear from you soon. It’s really interesting to be in contact with new family descendants.


Ethel Lassie (CCAF) ethel.lassie @;


05 February 2008 21:35

I have been trying to locate you Chief  to invite you my to retirement ceremony.  I havent’t gotten everything together yet, but as soon as I do I will contact you.  This is a wonderful web site. 

I couldn’t have found you otherwise. 

Thanks for everything that you did for me at CCAF!!



Lee Tinneny ltinneny @ June 08, 2007 17:20


Five years later and the new additions you have made are so excellent.  I know others will be so pleased to simply click and read the details of their 'long ago' family members.
As usual Lucy and Rich, you have made this site something for which you can be proud.   Also, you two have made such a lasting contribution for Tinnenys here and now and Tinnenys to come.  Bravo!!!  
Lee, wife of Rich and cousin to Lucy!


Tammy Botte tam1620 @
22 March 2007 21:26

Hi. My name is Tammy Ann Botte.  I am the daughter of Catherine Tinneny and Vincent Ciccarelli. She was the daughter of Phillip Tinneny.  Phillip and his wife Mary had eight children-- Robert (Bobby), Catherine (Sisty), Philip (Vicky), Elizabeth, Daniel, Mary, Tommy and Alice. My mom passed on in 2002 and Robert and Vicky have passed on. I never met my grandfather since he died at a young age, but my mom and her siblings always shared fun stories of him and their childhood. I've always been told he was a very active man--always walking-- and always kept a keen eye on his children.  I'm sure my uncles and aunts could tell more detailed stories.

I have two children, Tyler and Hayley, ages 14 and 12 respectively.  My son loves sports and my daughter loves the arts-- dance, music, drama. I went back to school to get my Masters in Education/Special Education a few years ago. I currently work in a local elementary school and love working with children. My uncles and aunts were always around when I was little. And being as both parents came from a family of eight we always had a house full of company. The Tinneny side was the fun side-- mischievous and somewhat devilish sense of humor.  My uncles and aunts loved children and always played with us and played jokes on us, no matter what their age.  If you couldn't take a joke, they'd just joke with you more. They're still the same to this day.
Well, heard about this website a while ago and with being so busy never looked into it.  Admittedly, I was also a little skeptical. My aunt convinced me the other day to look into it. I haven't had the chance to look at or read everything, but look forward to learning a little more about my mom's side of the family. Perhaps, one day there will be a Tinneny reunion.
Regards to all of the Tinneny's out there.
Love, Tammy


Pauline Mundt pauline.mundt @ 02 January 2007 03:51
Hello Rich,

I appreciate your website. I am the greatgranddaughter of James Murray and Margaret Gibney. They were in Mullyduff (one mile from Newtownbutler) in the 1911 Census of Ireland. I don't know where they were for the 1901 Census but maybe in Newtownbutler. I am going to Newtownbutler in February and I hope to get some information from St. Mary's Church and graveyard. I know from your website that there are some Murrays still in the area. Maybe I will meet some of them. I know that we have corresponded before but I really haven't been able to get very far on my research. Let's hope that all changes next month.

Pauline Mundt, Canada


Kimberley Tinneny 31 May 2006 18:07
My name is Kimberley Tinneny and I'm from Surrey in England.  It was great to find out a little bit more about my family history as I don't know anything about that side of my family.  I'm trying to find my dad Robert Tinneny who last thing I knew was living in London.  If anyone could possibly help then please contact me at  thanks, and once again thanks for such a great web site


Thomas Smith tajsmith @ 25 March 2006 22:06

Tympany in England

Just come across your website. What a lot of work! I would love to feel I belonged. My great great great grandmother was Ann Tympany (also known as Tinpennay) who married Christopher Fothergill. They came from Over Kellet, a village just north of Lancaster, England. I think her parents were Ann and John. Can anyone help me to "fit in"?


mfitzp2519 @ 24 March 2006 10:57
Hello folks.   Dick and Mary from Ireland here. Best wishes to all the Tinneny connections in South Carolina. Everyone is well. Hope to see you in the summer.     Dick and  Mary


christinar043 @ 17 March 2006 23:42

Excellent website amazing. I am from ntb and think you have done a great job.


gerrycastellano1 @
29 January 2006 21:38

Wow....who knew?   I am the grand daughter of Katherine Murray.  Andy Toland, my mum's brother (Sheila Reilly), gave me your web address. And, my brother Joseph Reilly just called me to make sure I had looked at the site.  We are very excited to hear that we have many relatives who are also interested in their heritage.

My dad's name was William Reilly from County Cavan.  My mum, Sarah Toland was from Newtown Butler. My parents met in Manchester, England. I have a brother Joseph Reilly and Sister Maura Reilly.  I moved to New York in 1986 with my cousin Veronica Donaghue, daughter of Vera Donaghue (formally Toland - Andy's sister).  I married Phil Castellano, (a native New Yorker) in 1992.  I have 2 children Philip (8) and Kiera (5).  We currently reside in Brooklyn, New York.
I had the pleasure of visiting my Great Aunt Mary Murray who lives in the house that granny Katy Murray was born in that her brother inherited (Aunt Mary married Katy's brother).
Your site is fabulous.  I truly am looking forward to sharing some stories.
Sincerely, Gerry Castellano


munroes @
03 January 2006 13:37

Great website!     Sandra Munroe.


jtinneny2000 @
Tue,  Dec 27, 2005 20:16

Just happened on to your web site  while at my father-in-laws for Christmas. Nice work! Can't wait to read more. My grandfather was from Philly and I was born there.


John F. Tinneny Jr 


estolte @ November 18, 2005 4:42 PM

RE: The Tinneny Family History Site Update Notice Nov 18, 2005 Great pictures!!!

Boy, Shirley was brave!  I am not afraid to fly the commercial airplanes but those small ones are a different story!

Eileen J. Stolte


mommomsal @ 22 August 2005 02:00
Richard you did a great job on the website. I really enjoyed
reading it. I am sally kingston daughter of Isabella and Joseph kemp my mother is a McColgan .
Sally Kingston


estolte @ 12 August 2005 18:36

Richard, you did a wonderful job on the website. I was so excited to read the family history. I am going to Belturbet, Ireland this Thursday and hope to meet up with some of the Tinneny's.  My grandfather was the Francis Tierney (Tinneny) who came to New York in 1912 with my grandmother, Catherine Reilly.  We all grew up as Tierney's as you mentioned in Chapter One.

Eileen Tierney Stolte


grandmomnumber1 @ July 28, 2005 21:51

Richard, you have done a great job on this. I know so many in the family and Ienjoy it very much.  Keep up the great work!!!!!!!!     

Marilyn Kottler


twomeow @ July 17, 2005 20:16

Greetings Rich. I love your website for your Tinneny family history & research. I found your Homeplace section wonderful and heartfelt. The pictures brought me happy tears as you could see the remains of the Homeplace. I can only imagine someday that I may do the same. - Happy Days... Geri Neumann  


james @
May 10, 2005 00:43

Well Done - It reminds me of a visit by the Quaile family to their homestead in Carrowmaculla in the other end of the parish.

All the best, Jim McConnell.


hh73050 @
07 May 2005 23:44

I noticed your site on the Fermanagh Gold site, took a look and was delighted to see the tribute you pay to your ancestors.  It is obvious that much time and love has gone into the creation of your site and I am sure that Irish Eyes long closed are smiling at you. My daughter has developed a site for our family {Dillon/Sheridan}. The Dillon branch of the family we also believe to have been from Co.Fermanagh, possibly Cavan. I am sending your a link to our site, perhaps you would like to take a look.  

Wishing you the best in your endeavors to create a family heritage that will live on forever.
Ellen Neumann


John McEneaney 24 March 2005 15:50
If it wasn't for the T ----- you'd be an Inneny.
McNeney & O Neny names also from that area.
J McEneaney


Bailer Chase Tinneny
08 March 2005 01:21's's a great site :)! I am the great-great grandson of Yankee Pat Tinneny of Goladuff and the grandson of Donald Tinneny of Philadelphia. 

I just saw all the land over in Goladuff....pretty cool, guys!

Sincerely, Bailer


Jackie Hanna jackieghanna @


01 January 2005 00:57

Hi Lucy.
My Dad was a Murray from Newetownbutler.  I understand that you had some correspondence with my cousin's girl, Pauliner Munds. My father was the son of James and Margaret Murray (gibney)  They lived in Newtownbutler and had a passel of kids. My dad's name was Joseph Kevin Murray.  I think they moved to Belfast when my dad was young .  Are you any relation?  Any info. would be appreciated.

Regards   Jackie Hanna (Murray)


Bridget Tinneny jstbrig @
July 14 2004 23:26

Hey Rich, Lee, Lucy...the site looks great!  It gets better everytime I stop by!  Keep up the great work!

P.S.-Thanks for adding the picture of Bailer's looks great :) !!!  
Bridget Tinneny, Daughter of Donald F. Tinneny of Phila., PA


Don Lehane donlehane @


15 April 2004 15:19

Hello Rich,
Excellent site - keep it up. I am a nephew of Mary (Molly) Tinneny nee O'Sullivan and am very anxious to make contact with members of her family to complete a family tree I am completing on the O'Sullivan, Lehane and related families. Hopefully you or some of your site visitors can help. Mary O' Sullivan married Philip Tinneny in New York in the 1930's or 40's (photo of wedding on your web site). Mary O'Sullivan (sister of my mother Kathleen Lehane nee O'Sullivan) was born in 1908 Fountainstown, Co Cork and emigrated to the US in the 1930's where she married Philip Tinneny born 1908, son of Robert & Elizabeth Tineny of Killahurk, Co Leitrim. Mary Tinneny died in 1983 and Philip Tinneny died in 1964. We have lost touch with the family in the intervening years since the deaths of Mary Tinneny and my mother Kathleen Lehane and would appreciate contact from immediate family or grandchildren - I am aware that Danny Tinneny was a son of Mary & Philip Tinneny but unsure of names  of other children.

Don Lehane, Dublin, Ireland

Permelia Luongo luongop @


26 March 2004 18:55

Keep up the great work , Mr. T !!!  Its  exciting to know someone who takes so much pride in their family history!!  I'm still looking to adopt that Irish baby !!!   Let me know if you find one ;)


Sheena McArthur Friday, November 07, 2003 2:11 PM

I am the granddaughter of Mary Tinneny O'Kane who was born in Belturbet, Co. Cavan.  Just visited the site for the first time and it is fantastic hope that yourself or lee will contact me soon.


Don Atkinson


09/29/ 2003 16:46

Rich and Lee, 

Great web site - one of the best I have visited.

You two without a doubt rank with the top 1% of the best people we met in my 30 year career.  I learned a lot about being a First Sergeant from you and used it to achieve the rank of Chief Master Sergeant.  We had some good times at Zwei.


Tony Fitzpatrick



09/12/2003 23:57

Hi Rich
I have looked at some of  Tinnenys Site [very well done] and remember Peggy Tinneny [Tinneny McKenna of Cullion, Newtownbutler] as a nice lady who was a good friend  to my mum.  The Site brings back childhood memories of Tommy Tinneny riding a bicycle at night with a carbide lamp. Tommy McKenna was a friendly man who I last seen in London at my brother's wedding in 1970. I know some of the people in the Site photo's [Site large]  but it will take some time to check it out.

Tony Fitzpatrick, London 


Kevin Tinneny
Hey Rich,  I love the Tinneny website...I'm the Son of Joe Tinneny.  Real good stuff


Gillian Wray 07/22/2003 20:36

Terrific site.  My ancestor Philip Wray was from Gubb Island so he would have known that area.     Brian Wray


Shirley Tinneny


07/08/2003 04:24  

What a journey it has been for you!  Your hard work and the countless hours at your desk have paid off.  We are so proud of you and your accomplishments.  You are a wonderful father, son, and husband and father-in-law.  So many people are lucky to have you in their lives. 
As you continue your search for new found loved ones, updating pictures and events, or traveling to the "home-place" may God Bless You Always.  I love you, Dad!                                                


Joe Aquilante

07/02/2003 1:32:25 PM Eastern Daylight Time                                

Great Job on the web-site!!!  My name is Joe Aquilante, son of Betty-Anne Hart and Tony Aquilante and the great-grandson of Alice Tinneny, the daughter of Yankee Pat.


Donna Tinneny Persico
28-06-2003 - 19:14                                                                    

Dear Lucy and Rich, I signed this guestbook when the site was first up and running.  I feel compelled by the site's "proven and enduring excellence" to comment once again.  You two have given all Tinneny's a wonderful chance to meet each other worldwide.  I don't know if everyone appreciates the dedication and time-sacrifice the two of you have given to providing this technological family album for us.  My family and I do!  We want to thank you with all of our hearts.


Tim McColgan


18-06-2003 - 16:36                                                                                       

Hi, I am the grandson of John and Marie McColgan and the son of John(Jack) and Joanne McColgan out of Philadelphia and I want to congratulate and thank you on an impressive job well done !!!


Peadar McMahon 30-05-2003 - 20:40
Great Site and looking forward to your next visit to Emyvale.


Brian Tannam
18-05-2003 - 00:38
A very impressive website Lucy.


Maureen (Murray) Englishby
09-05-2003 - 16:32
Hi Rich, You've done a wonderful job and want to thank you on behalf of all my family for making your research available, if it hadn't been for you we would not have known anything about our heritage, or met up with our cousins in Ireland.


Miss aisling Tinney
23-04-2003 - 01:46
hi, i came across your site and i thought i'd let you know my names tinney.but is that any relations to @tinnenys.please e-mail me back and let me no.we live in donegal.
p.s hope to hear from you soon.


Morrie 21-04-2003 - 19:42
Hey Rich....Thanks for sharing this very interesting family site. Now I know where you get your wonderful qualities of character, courage, and a "give em hell Harry" honesty......this is a great family site, and it tells a lot about why family counts and is so important to who we have become based on who we are, were, and are yet to regards, Morrie


Patricia Sickinger Snyder LBIPATAL@AOL.COM 08-01-2003 - 18:32
Rich, you did a fabulous job collecting so much information and I am happy to join in. I am the great-grandaugher of "Yankee Pat" and grandaughter of Catherine Tinneny Sickinger.


Gillian Bussey 05-12-2002 - 20:06
well i am very impressed by your website and i miss you and wish all the best and a merry christmas. i'd really love to come see you. or maybe you could come to florida and spend some time at the beach with me!!!!!!!!


Kenneth Daly 05-12-2002 - 17:59
Great job! Your dedication to family and tradition was also expressed in your service to country. Thanks "Chief" for your history of patroitism.


Marie McCaul Keegan 13-11-2002 - 21:48
Hi Richard, First we want to thank you for allowing us to be part of your Tinneny family reunion 2002 at the Seven Horse Shoes. Your web site is absolutely incredible. Making time to sit and view it all. Hopefully I can figure how we are related.


Patrick TInneny 08-10-2002 - 21:57
I am the son of James and Mary Agnes Tinneny My Mother was from New Zealand And MY Father was from Roslea in Co Fermanagh I am Married to Bernadette O'Connor from Clones in Co Monaghan we have 4 Children Kiri Jayne Age 10 Mary Alice Age 8 Patricia Age 5 And Connor Age3 We Live in Roslea It was great looking at the site Good job Richard


George F Sherwood 07-10-2002 - 11:17
Now I can see where all my wife's time has been spent over the last months. The site and the information it contains are excellent. Well done Rich, I know that she's enjoyed the challenge.


Daniel P. Klebes, Jr. 02-10-2002 - 18:43
Greetings to my very extended family. I am Daniel P. Klebes, Jr. better known as Danny.  I am the grandson of Patrick Tinneny. My father Daniel P. Klebes and my uncle Wally were adopted, at a very young age by Leo G. Klebes, thus our surname, who was a wonderful man and beloved grandfather to me. I remember, quite warmly, visiting the home and family of my father's first cousin Jack Tinneny in Manayunk and at their summer home on the river. I am so proud to be both a Tinneny and a Klebes and appreciate the heritage of each family. God's richest blessings on all of my family.


Daniel J. Tinneny 13-09-2002 - 03:17
Great Job Uncle Rich and Lucy. Your hard work on this website has paid off.


Colleen Shultz 09-09-2002 - 02:35
I am the granddaughter of John and Marie McColgan and the daughter of Joe and Joan(McColgan)McDonald and I want to thank you on a job well done. It was so great for me and my family to be able to learn so much about our ancestry. The pictures were really great. Again thank you for all your hard work.


Ann Marie Persico 04-09-2002 - 23:04
hey uncle rich,
good job on the site...keep up the good work!!!!


Nikole Tinneny 01-09-2002 - 20:21
I just wanted to comment on the great job you did, Richard. Its helped me do my report for school and i too am a 13 year old tinneny in America. It was really fun to see all these people i might be related to, and the role of our Family in history. :)


Donna Tinneny Persico
13-08-2002 - 23:39
Hey Rich, great job. I tell ya, it's a tough job being a Tinneny but somebody has to do it with class.
Sean Reilly 11-08-2002 - 18:33
I was born in the house of Alice Tinneney Goladuff(now in ruins,land now owned by James Tummins of Galloon N .T. Butler his family looked after Alice in her later years)Alice gave living accomodation to my father and mother after the war for almost 2 years I only vaguely remember Alice I remember she had big teeth and one of her favorite sayings was "bad cess to it" when something went wrong.If you want more info on Alice or Pat Tinneny you could write to Marie Tummim,Galloon Newtownbutler Co. Fermanagh her mother and Alice were good friends


Denise Aquilante Longua
06-08-2002 - 15:09
Richard, what a beautiful website! What a joy it is to share all your hard work with the family! Congratulations!


Margaret Dunniece 28-07-2002 - 22:25
Hello, I'm Margaret, daughter of Betty Tinneny. I am a cousin of Jim Tinneny of Derry. I would be interested in any family history.


Sarah Trice 17-06-2002 - 21:46
Great web site! I enjoyed it. The pictures add so much. Great job Rich and relatives!


Michael Goodwin 09-06-2002 - 23:18
Well Done Rich,
As a decendant of one of the "Goodwins" mentioned in the song about Fr Clarke, I'm deligted to see it gain such prominence.


Debbie and Tom Biggar 03-06-2002 - 21:06
A grand job, well done! Extremely educational and fascinating information. Debbie is the great-granddaughter of Mary Jane Tinneny, granddaughter of John and Marie McColgan and daughter of Joan McColgan and Joseph McDonald. Looking forward to the pleasure of meeting cousin Rich and wife, Lee.


Permelia Sharpe Luongo 30-05-2002 - 20:39
Loved the web page Mr. T!
Especially enjoyed all the old family photos's.
Maybe your family in Ireland can find me a baby to adopt! Got to keep that Irish blood in the veins!


Kathy Crow 30-05-2002 - 02:50
Very Impressive! I enjoyed getting to know you and your family better.


Carolyn Tinneny Graczyk 22-05-2002 - 02:34
Rich, the website looks great!!! I enjoyed checking out all of the family history. You know how much I like reading about the famous and infamous Tinnenys!


Richardine Jackson 20-05-2002 - 21:04
Rich, you know how I feel about family history. It is so wonderful to walk through and read about your family. Being able to see the a finished product of your work in progress has inspired me to continue collecting information of my own family history.


lorraine pearson 19-05-2002 - 20:59
Dear Rich, its so nice to see the fruits of your hard work. I will be showing dad (Fergie) and uncle Patsy the new website, its very interesting. Hope you are all keeping well. Love Lorraine. (Great-Granddaughter of Thomas Tinneny of Cullion Newtownbutler, Co.Fermanagh.


Kevin Tinneny 19-05-2002 - 16:59
A terrific journey of discovery about the Tinneny family history, to say the least. Well done and congratulations seem inadequate to describe something that started 36 years ago and has produced such a brilliant web site (I know its not finished yet!) but, excellent, congratulations and well done Rich and Lucy, and thank you both.


Prudence & Norm Lezy 14-05-2002 - 01:39
We enjoyed reading your great work on your family history. Thanks for keeping in touch!
Best from your friends -- Prudence & Norm


Fr. Clemente B. Mauricio
14-05-2002 - 00:22
Great opus worth publishing it. Take care and God bless.


Carol & Joe Ryan 12-05-2002 - 23:42
What an incredible journey of love, Rich! All the times you mentioned this exploration of family we could never have imagined its debth. Such a blessing to all!


Dick Aldinger 12-05-2002 - 20:34
Rich: Great Job! I was very impressed with all the good info that I am sure will help to bring all the Tinneny family closer together. / Dick


Peter McMahon
12-05-2002 - 01:08
Well done Richard and Lucy. Lovely site and hoping to see you on your next visit to Ireland.


Alyson Carter 11-05-2002 - 14:00
Congratulations to Rich and Lucy! We Tinnenys now have access to our family history and a great way of getting in touch with each other.
Thank you Rich for all your years of research and your extraordinary committment to the family and its history. It's marvellous to see the "book" up and running.


Hattie Brember 11-05-2002 - 13:30
Well done Rich, its looking ace! Its got the seal of approval from the Dorset Tinneny Branch. Thanks for the mention, any more pictures just ask!


bob bissell 11-05-2002 - 00:02
good show, Rich!


Mike Sherwood 10-05-2002 - 22:58
Hi I'm Lucy's son - well done to you (mam) and Richard: this is great stuff, and amazing to find we have such a big family history!


Maisie Tinneny Brady 10-05-2002 - 19:25
Delighted to see all the happy memories of Goladuff come on the screen, and happy memories of all I have seen and will never forget.


Lee Tinneny 10-05-2002 - 17:01
Well! Finally! As I read through this I have tears of joy,truly. Even 'blow-ins' love this family. Congrats Rich and Lucy and all. This is one end with many new beginnings ahead.


Emma Tinneny 10-05-2002 - 16:18
Great site, Keep up the good work, on behalf of the Tinneny Family, Quivvy Belturbet who never ventured far from Goladuff! Now the whole world can know what a fantastic family we are, we can rule the world!!!!!


Bonnie Steele-Strode 10-05-2002 - 14:42
Hi all, I too am Rich's cousin. Joe McColgan is my first cousin. My mother, Kitty McColgan Steele, was the sister to John McColgan, Joe's father. My grandmother, of course, is Mary Jane Tinneny.


Mark McColgan 10-05-2002 - 14:33
This is the Son of Joseph E. McColgan (Glenside, PA) saying hello. Hope all goes well with the research.


Allen Savitz 10-05-2002 - 14:13 May 10, 2002
Rich - I have seen you labor over this "love" for years and the devotion is evident in this wonderful web site. You should be proud, as I'm sure your family is, pf the end results.


Gerry Doherty 10-05-2002 - 10:19
Rich, I must say, this is a credit to you. All your persistance and dedication has finally paid off. What a wonderful account of your family history.


michael fox, son of philip and shari tinneny, north babylon, ny, usa
10-05-2002 - 06:48
rich, i must say that the sight is great. i love the pictures. thanks for working so hard on this site, im sure everyone is happy with all the hard work you put into this. i cant wait to show phil and my mom, they will love it!!! hope all is well and talk to you soon.


Sheila-Anne Prendergast 10-05-2002 - 05:11
Hi to all the Tinneny's. I'm a friend of Rich Tinneny I really enjoyed the site. Thanks for sharing it with me. Good job.


Robert Sickinger 10-05-2002 - 03:54
Great grandson of Yankee Pat Tinneny whose photograph with his wife appeared on stage in NYC in my musical "O Pioneers!".


BOB SICKINGER 10-05-2002 - 03:45
Congratulations Rich on a massive undertaking. What a great enrichment to our lives! Great grandson of Yankee Pat and grandson of Catherine Tinneny Sickinger.


Francis P. O'Neill


10-05-2002 - 02:47
My Grandfather was John A. Tinneny and Grandmother Helen Tinneny. Nice to see the site up and running:-) I hope to hear from some folks who know my family. I welcome email!,Frank


Joe McColgan 10-05-2002 - 02:22
Hello All. I am Rich's second cousin. We went through grade school and high school together. My paternal grandmother (Mary Jane Tinneny) was the sister of Rich's grandfather. Rich & Lucy--congratulations; you've done a wonderful job on this website.


Fidelma Tinneny and David Tanner
10-05-2002 - 00:24
Richard and Lucy you've done a great job. The pictures around Gola are stunning. I'm glad none of the "great swim" photos made it.


Lucy Sherwood 09-05-2002 - 20:51
Having only recently discovered my Tinneny ancestry, I was delighted to have been given the opportunity to play my part in making Rich's research available to the Tinneny's around the world. Working on the site has been a rewarding experience - and some of your faces have become so familiar to me you seem like old friends.


Mary Jo Rydzewski 16-04-2002 - 19:13
Great job. It is very interesting to learn so much about family history


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