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The remains of the house built for Alice Tinneny by her aunt Catherine Tinneny when she returned to Goladuff from years of working in America.  Built high on a hill overlooking the river and Galoon Bridge in the 1920s, it was called the house that poteen built due to the fact that the builders were said to be continually under the influence of poteen.  A very old structure, comprised of 2 houses under one roof, was formerly on the site.  Throughout the 1800s Bernard Tinneny and his family lived in one house and Yellow Phil Tinneny and his family lived in the other.  Among others, this site is the homeplace of Tommy Tinneny who settled in Cullion and his descendants presently in England.


The remains in 1996 of Francis Tinneny's house.  He was the son of Big John Tinneny and brother of Yankee Pat.  This is where Francis raised his family including Hugh Tinneny, the father of Hubert presently of Quivvy.






These few stone were all that remained of the little stone house in what was called "The hollow" or "Hughdie's land" on Goladuff.  Hugh Tinneny occupied the house in the early 1800s and his children Mary, Frank and Hugh occuppied it into the early 1900s.  This is the ancestral homeplace of the family presently in Derrykenny, Newtownbutler (the Murrays) and in Hartlepool, England and The Murphy's in New Jersey, USA among others.


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Updated December 23, 2023
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